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Daily Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday


Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals

Daily Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday

Daily Schedule: Tues. - Fri. - Pit Pass: $45.00

9:00am: Building Opens

11:00am - 7:00pm: Tradeshow / Pit Pass Opens

2:00pm - Clear Building

2:30pm - Grandstands Open

3:00pm - Driver pill draw for Heat Race lineups

4:15pm - Driver’s Meeting

5:00pm - Hot Laps (by Heat Race order)

6:00pm - Heat Races begin (8 laps each)

7:45pm - “C” Mains (2 races, taking top 4 to “B” Features)

8:30pm - “A” Qualifiers (Top 16 in combined Passing Points from Heats and Qualifiers advance to “A” Feature)

9:00pm - Track Maintenance

9:15pm - “B” Features (Top 4 advance to “A” Feature)

10:15pm - “A” Feature (24 cars - 25 laps)

10:30pm: Curfew

Midnight: Building Closes


Saturday Schedule - Pit Pass: $55.00

9:00am - Building Opens

9:00am - 7:00pm: Trade Show

11:15am: “K” Main Hot Laps (by race)

11:30am: “J” Main Hot Laps (by race)

11:45am: “I” Main Hot Laps (by race)

Noon: Start - “K” Mains

12:15pm: “H” Main Hot Laps (by race)

12:30pm: “G” Mains Hot Laps (by race)

1:30pm: “J” Mains

2:00pm: “F” Main Hot Laps (by race)

2:15pm: “I” Mains

3:00pm: “E” Main Hot Laps (by race)

3:15pm: “H” Mains

3:40pm: “G” Mains

4:20pm: “F” Mains

4:40pm: “E” Mains

Track Maintenance

5:00pm: “D” Main Hot Laps (by race)

5:15pm: “C” Main Hot Laps (by race)

5:30pm: “B” Main Hot Laps (by race)

5:45pm: “D” Mains

Track Maintenance

7:30pm: Opening Ceremony / Grand Marshal / Parade of States

7:45pm: “A” Main Hot Laps (by qualifying nights)

8:00pm: “C” Mains

9:10pm “B” Mains

10:30pm: “A” Main (55 Laps)

11:00pm: Curfew

Photo Credit: Serena Dalhamer

Submitted By: Bryan Hulbert

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2023 ChiliBowl

Past Champions

2022 Champion Tanner Thorson
2021 Champion Kyle Larson
2020 Champion Kyle Larson
2019 Champion Christopher Bell
2018 Champion Christopher Bell

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