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Abreu Among Latest Chili Bowl Entries as the Count Reaches 280


Chili Bowl Nationals

Abreu Among Latest Chili Bowl Entries as the Count Reaches 280

(Image Credit: Kent Bergman)

TULSA, Okla. (December 18, 2015) The talent keeps pouring in for the 30th annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire, happening January 12-16, 2016 at the River Spirit Expo Center, as the latest count puts the number of entries at 280 with confirmed drivers currently at 258. Compared to the entry list from nearly one year ago, press on December 20, 2014 showed 285 entries with 271 confirmed drivers, putting this year’s confirmed driver count slightly behind, but still on pace for another Chili Bowl with 300 plus competitors.

Among the latest entries is the defending Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Champion, Rico Abreu, who will look to back up is 2015 success aboard a Keith Kunz Motorsports / Curb Agajanian, Toyota powered Bullet. One of five in the Kunz camp for this coming Chili Bowl, Rico will be joined by fellow California native Kyle Larson as well as Nevada’s Tanner Thorson who was recently named the 2015 National Midget Driver of the Year.

Looking to match the success of Hillenburg and put an Oklahoma native back in Victory Lane on Saturday night, Norman’s Christopher Bell and Bixby’s Shane Stewart fill out the five car camp. Stewart’s ride is also due in part to Mike Larson. The last time Shane saw action on the quarter-mile Tulsa Expo Raceway was 2008.

Currently holding the longest streak of consecutive A-Feature starts, Tucson’s Jerry Coons, Jr. returns in the Wilke-Pak No. 5. Coons’ 2015 A-Feature start put the Arizona natives run to a dozen. In all, Jerry has 16 A-Feature starts with a pair of top-fives and six top-tens to his credit. He is currently second in all time A-Feature starts to Sammy Swindell who has made an astounding 22 A-Mains.

With plans to make his 2016 run at the Chili Bowl win No. 6, Sammy is the only driver in the field that was present at the inaugural Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals. Next closest would be Kevin Olson who can account for 10 A-Feature starts since 1988. Tim Siner and David Camfield each made their first trek to the Tulsa Expo Raceway in 1989.

Of the 211 drivers that can say they’ve made the cut in the Chili Bowl finale, 41 are currently entered with 52 others looking to do away with their rookie stripes. So far, drivers have entered from 204 municipalities, 32 states, and five countries (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom).

For fans still needing tickets, the only reserved seat ticket left is for Tuesday night. The only other option is a Pit Pass which gets you access to General Admission seating on the back stretch. It is first come, first served. Pit Passes are $45 per day (Tuesday-Friday) and $60 on Saturday. Pit Passes are sold at the event only.

Any driver wishing to participate must be a minimum of 16 years of age. Any driver in question will be required to present a copy of their Birth Certificate before their entry will be accepted. Teams can request qualifying nights. We will do our best to accommodate, but no guarantees are made that your request will be fulfilled.

For questions regarding entries, please contact Bryan Hulbert at (918) 838-3777. For questions regarding Parking, as well as event procedure and rulings, please contact Matt Ward at (918) 995-1650.

For more information, and continued updates on the Chili Bowl Nationals, log onto

Fans can also follow the Chili Bowl at and Twitter (@cbnationals).

2016 Chili Bowl Entry List (as of 12/18/2015)

Car # - Driver (Hometown)

• GO-Kip Hughes (Enid, OK)
• 0-Johnny Murdock (Kaufman, TX)
• 0-Chase Briscoe (Mitchell, IN)
• 0B-TBA
• 0G (R)-Mitchell Gladman (Victoria, Mildura, Aus.)
• 0K-Don O'Keefe Jr (Pittsboro, IN)
• 0T-Tyler Brehm (Pottstown, PA)
• 1-Sammy Swindell (Germantown, TN)
• 1A-Kevin Ramey (Ft Worth, TX)
• 1P-Terry Nichols (Delano, CA)
• 1PW-Paul White (Waco, TX)
• 1T-Tony Roney (Herculaneum, MO)
• 2-Ryan Hall (Midlothian, TX)
• 2A-C.J. Leary (Greenfield, IN)
• 2J-Zach Blurton (Great Bend, KS)
• 2K-Kyle Jones (Kennedale, TX)
• 2ND-Jeb Sessums (Burleson, TX)
• 2RS-Chris Windom (Canton, IL)
• 2S-Travis Scott (Washington, OK)
• 2W (R)-Wyatt Burks (Topeka, KS)
• 2X-TBA
• 3-Dustin Weland (Parker, CO)
• 3B (R)-Joe B. Miller (Millersville, MO)
• 3C-Raven Culp (Mesquite, TX)
• 3F-TBA
• 3M-Brent Rees (Arvada, CO)
• 3N-Jake Neuman (New Berlin, IL)
• 3S-Brian Shirley (Chatham, IL)
• 3T-Tim Barber (Sonoma, CA)
• 04 (R)-Marcus Thomas (Corsicana, TX)
• 4-TBA
• 4C (R)-Robert Sellers (Mustang, OK)
• 4D (R)-Chad Dyer (Edmond, OK)
• 4H-Tom Harris (Banbury, OXF, U.K.)
• 4J-Tim Crawley (Benton, AR)
• 4M-J.J. Ercse (Lakewood, CA)
• 5-Jerry Coons Jr (Tucson, AZ)
• 5$-Danny Smith (Sand Springs, OK)
• 5B-Andee Beierle (Bismarck, ND)
• 5BB-Bobby Brewer (Cabot, AR)
• 5C-Colten Cottle (Kansas, IL)
• 5D-Zach Daum (Pocahontas, IL)
• 5F-Rik Forbes (Omaha, NE)
• 5S-Chase Stockon (Elizabethtown, IN)
• 5X-Justin Peck (Monrovia, IN)
• 6-Bill Rose (Plainfield, IN)
• 6A-David Gough (Machesney Park, IL)
• 6C-TBA
• 6K-Josh Lakatos (Pasadena, CA)
• 6M-Pat McVicker (Woodward, OK)
• 7-Shannon McQueen (Bakersfield, CA)
• 7B-Austin Brown (Millstadt, IL)
• 7CH-Chris (Critter) Malone (Speedway, IN)
• 7CM-Chance Morton (Coweta, OK)
• 7D-Michelle Decker (Guthrie, OK)
• 7E (R)-Cory Eliason (Selma, CA)
• 7F-TBA
• 7H-Darren Hagen (Riverside, CA)
• 7J-Shawn Jackson (Bear, DE)
• 7JA-Justin Allgaier (Riverton, IL)
• 7JR-J.D. Black (Grain Valley, MO)
• 7M-Anton Julian (New Plymouth, NZ)
• 7R-Robert Ballou (Rocklin, CA)
• 7RS-Merril Lamb (Iola, KS)
• 7S-Pat Schudy (Springfield, MO)
• 7SS-Wade Seiler (Alton, IL)
• 7T (R)-Brett Thomas (Brisbane, QLD, Aus.)
• 7W-Kory Schudy (Springfield, MO)
• 7X (R)-Brian Peterson (Mukwonago, WI)
• 7XX-Gage Walker (Indianapolis, IN)
• 8-Alex Sewell (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 8J-Jonathan Beason (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 8K-Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK)
• 8L-TBA
• 8M-Kade Morton (Coweta, OK)
• 8R-Randi Pankratz (Bradley, CA)
• 9$-Kyle Clark (Sand Springs, OK)
• 9D-Sean Dodenhoff (Reno, NV)
• 9E-Rick Shuman (Queen Creek, AZ)
• 9H (R)-Holly Porter (Delhi, ONT, Can.)
• 9K (R)-Kyle Schuett (Philo, IL)
• 9M-Cory Mallo (Cheyenne, WY)
• 9P-Parker Price-Miller (Kokomo, IN)
• 9U-Doug McCune (Colleyville, TX)
• 10C-Dalton Camfield (Decatur, IL)
• 10J-John Hunt (Tulsa, OK)
• 10K-TBA
• 10X-TBA
• 11-Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis, IN)
• 11A-Andrew Felker (Carl Junction, MO)
• 11AG-Dave Darland (Lincoln, IN)
• 11B-Travis Berryhill (American Canyon, CA)
• 11C-Chett Gehrke (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 11E (R)-Cory Elliott (Bakersfield, CA)
• 11F (R)-Mike Snider (Kelseyville, CA)
• 11H (R)-Chase Hill (Redding, CA)
• 11J-Justin Melton (Flower Mound, TX)
• 11K-Gavin Harlien (Mesa, AZ)
• 11R (R)-Ariel Biggs (Hoquiam, WA)
• 11S (R)-Sean Watts (Atwater, CA)
• 12-Chris Sheil (Aurora, CO)
• 12K (R)-Zach Taylor (Green River, WY)
• 13-Derek Hagar (Marion, AR)
• 14-Trevor Kobylarz (Birdsboro, PA)
• 14B-David McIntosh (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 14E-TBA
• 14S-TBA
• 14W-Matt Westfall (Ludlow Falls, OH)
• 15-Tim Siner (Dupo, IL)
• 15B-Danny Burke (Houston, TX)
• 15D-Andrew Deal (Caney, KS)
• 15F (R)-Aaron Farney (Brookston, IN)
• 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr (Sunnyvale, TX)
• 16C-David Camfield Jr (Decatur, IL)
• 16K-Chris Dyson (Pleasant Valley, NY)
• 17-Joey Saldana (Brownsburg, IN)
• 17D-Alex DeCamp (Locust Grove, OK)
• 17E-Blake Edwards (Claremore, OK)
• 17G-Shane Golobic (Fremont, CA)
• 17H-Harli White (Lindsay, OK)
• 17J-Chase Johnson (Penngrove, CA)
• 17K-Michael Koontz (Bloomington, IN)
• 17KT (R)-Joe Janowski (Carmel, IN)
• 17M-Paul McMahan (Nashville, TN)
• 17R-Ricky Stenhouse Jr (Olive Branch, MS)
• 17S (R)-Ryan Secrest (Newton, KS)
• 17W-Justin Henderson (Tea, SD)
• 18-Tony Bruce Jr (Liberal, KS)
• 19-Jake Bubak (Arvada, CO)
• 19N-Nick O'Neal (Wagoner, OK)
• 19P (R)-Alex Hill (Six Nations, ONT, Can.)
• 19W-Matt Streeter (Galt, CA)
• 20-Tadd Holliman (Murray, NE)
• 20S-Shon Deskins (Waddell, AZ)
• 20X (R)-Noah Harris (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 21-Daryn Pittman (Owosso, OK)
• 21A (R)-Taylor Courtney (Indianapolis, IN)
• 21D-Justin Dickerson (Pittsboro, IN)
• 21H-Harlan Hulsey (Owasso, OK)
• 21K-Cory Kruseman (Ventura, CA)
• 21M (R)-Michele Melton (Flower Mound, TX)
• 21T-Ty Hulsey (Owasso, OK)
• 22B (R)-Troy Betts (Newark, DE)
• 22D-David Stephenson (Porter, OK)
• 22E-Cameron Hagin (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 23-Jimmy Light (Lizton, IN)
• 23A-Hannah Adair (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 24-Tracy Hines (Wilkinson, IN)
• 24F-Hunter Fischer (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 25-Steve Buckwalter (Royersford, PA)
• 25M-Derrick Myers (Stonington, IL)
• 26-Dustin Golobic (Fremont, CA)
• 27H-Tanner Berryhill (Bixby, OK)
• 27K-Billy Lawhead (Tulsa, OK)
• 27R-Kyle O'Gara (Indianapolis, IN)
• 27T-Tucker Klaasmeyer (Paola, KS)
• 29 (R)-Garrett Saunders (Lakeville, IN)
• 29J-Logan Jarrett (Kokomo, IN)
• 29S (R)-Anthony Nocella (Marlborough, MA)
• 30T (R)-Larry Bratti (Springdale, AR)
• 31-James Burke (Baytown, TX)
• 31B-David Budres (Beloit, WI)
• 32-Casey Shuman (Rattlesnake Bend, AZ)
• 32A-Garrett Aitken (Paris, IL)
• 32D-Danny Jennings (Norman, OK)
• 35B-T.J. Smith (Fresno, CA)
• 35F-Michael Faccinto (Hanford, CA)
• 35L-Cody Ledger (Omaha, NE)
• 35M-Matt Sherrell (Owasso, OK)
• 35MF (R)-Mitchell Faccinto (Hanford, CA)
• 35S-TBA
• 35T-Tyler Robbins (Collinsville, IL)
• 35W-Nate Wait (Lodi, CA)
• 35X-Zach Hampton (Plainfield, IN)
• 37-Seth Bergman (Snohomish, WA)
• 37F-TBA
• 37T-Tim Kent (Bristow, OK)
• 37X (R)-Anton Hernandez (Arlington, TX)
• 38-Justin Grant (Ione, CA)
• 39-Kevin Swindell (Germantown, TN)
• 39B-Spencer Bayston (Lebanon, IN)
• 39C-Payton Pierce (Bridgeport, TX)
• P40-Aaron Dromgoole (North Richland Hills, TX)
• 40-TBA ()
• 41 (R)-Brad Thompson (Austin, AR)
• 41P-Austin Prock (Avon, IN)
• 43-Logan Arnold (Franklin, IN)
• 44-Don Droud Jr (Lincoln, NE)
• 44D-Philip Dietz (Lake Ozark, MO)
• 44J (R)-Jared Sewell (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 44X (R)-Wesley Smith (Nixa, MO)
• 45X-C.J. Johnson (Quinter, KS)
• 46 (R)-Kenney Johnson (Bethel, CT)
• 47-Danny Stratton (Riverside, CA)
• 47X-Tim McCreadie (Watertown, NY)
• 48-Taylor Forbes (Neligh, NE)
• 50-Daniel Adler (St. Louis, MO)
• 50LP (R)-Michael Sosebee (Lenexa, KS)
• 51F-TBA
• 51J-R.J. Johnson (Phoenix, AZ)
• 51JR (R)-Ryan Jamison (Mediapolis, IA)
• 51R-Matt Rossi (Peoria, AZ)
• 51S (R)-Logan Scherb (Decatur, TX)
• 51W-TBA
• 52 (R)-Brandon Hightower (Natchez, LA)
• 53 (R)-Brett Wilson (Coweta, OK)
• 53H-Austin Archdale (Brimfield, IL)
• 54-Evan Pardo (Gatesville, TX)
• 55D-Nick Drake (Mooresville, NC)
• 55X-Alex Bowman ()
• 56-Billy Wease (Noblesville, IN)
• 56J-Sheldon Haudenschild (Wooster, OH)
• 56X-Mark Chisholm (Cheyenne, WY)
• 56Y (R)-Kass Cornella (Douglas, WY)
• 56Z-Mindy McCord (Billings, MT)
• 57 (R)-Tyler Seavey (Sutter, CA)
• 57D-Daniel Robinson (Mt Vernon, IL)
• 59-TBA
• 62-Taylor Simas (Orland, CA)
• 63-Bryan Clauson (Noblesville, IN)
• 67-Tanner Thorson (Minden, NV)
• 67SF-Sarah Fisher (Commercial Point, OH)
• 67Z-Kasey Kahne (Enumclaw, WA)
• 70K-Kevin Olson (Machesney Park, IL)
• 71-Christopher Bell (Norman, OK)
• 71.5-Robert Bell (Colfax, IA)
• 71G-Damion Gardner (Concord, CA)
• 71K-Kyle Larson (Elk Grove, CA)
• 71X-Shane Cottle (Kokomo, IN)
• 73-Jason McDougal (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 75-Johnny Herrera (Albuquerque, NM)
• 75L-Lee Dakus (Edmonton, AB, Can.)
• 75X-TBA
• 76-Brad Noffsinger (Concord, NC)
• 76M-Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK)
• 76Z (R)-Zane Lawrence (Lillian, TX)
• 77-TBA
• 77D (R)-Dean Drake Jr (Collinsville, OK)
• 77J-John Klabunde (Ft. Calhoun, NE)
• 77U-Chris Urish (Elkhart, IL)
• 77X-Katlynn Leer (Moulton, IA)
• 78-Nick Wean (Phillipsburg, NJ)
• 80-Josh Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX)
• 81-Jerry Hammock (Ennis, TX)
• 81B-TBA
• 82M-Steven Shebester (Mustang, OK)
• 83-Kurt Blackaby (Bentonville, AR)
• 83G-Matt Gilbert (Merriam, KS)
• 84 (R)-Shaun Shapel (Wichita, KS)
• 85-Matt Johnson (Edmond, OK)
• 85H-Shane Hollingsworth (Lafayette, IN)
• 86 (R)-Mark Lowrey (Concord, NC)
• 86C-TBA
• 87C-David Camfield (Decatur, IL)
• 87F-Brian McClelland (Tulsa, OK)
• 87H-Coby Hughes (Collinsville, OK)
• 88-Chad Wheeler (Muskogee, OK)
• 88D-Rusty Dukes (Fair Grove, MO)
• 88N-D.J. Netto (Hanford, CA)
• 88T-Tyler Nelson (Olathe, KS)
• 89JR-Todd McVay (Grain Valley, MO)
• 91-Jeff Stasa (Kingman, KS)
• 91A (R)-Chris Andrews (Sandusky, OH)
• 91K-Kevin Bayer (Bixby, OK)
• 91N (R)-Austin Nemire (Sylvania, OH)
• 91T-Tyler Thomas (Collinsville, OK)
• 92-Brenden Bright (Collegeville, PA)
• 93-Dustin Morgan (Tulsa, OK)
• 93K (R)-Riley Kreisel (Warsaw, MO)
• 96-Cody Brewer (Choctaw, OK)
• 97-Rico Abreu (Rutherford, CA)
• 98-Jarid Blondel (Orange, CA)
• 98D-Clint Boyles (Greenwood, MO)
• 99 (R)-Kevin Chaffee (Fairlee, VT)
• 99P-Dillon Welch (Carmel, IN)
• 99W (R)-Larry Wight (Phoenix, NY)
• 100-Shane Stewart (Bixby, OK)
• 118 (R)-Scott Evans (Keller, TX)
• 349 (R)-Eric Saunders (Lakeville, IN)

Past Feature Starters: Sammy Swindell-22; Jerry Coons-16; Dave Darland-15; Tracy Hines-13; Cory Kruseman-12; Kevin Olson-10; Shane Cottle-9; Kevin Swindell-7; Damion Gardner-7; Bryan Clauson-6; Kasey Kahne-6; Chris Windom-5; Matt Westfall-5; Daryn Pittman-5; Steve Buckwalter-5; Casey Shuman-5; Tim McCreadie-5; Kyle Larson-5; Zach Daum-4; Danny Stratton-4; Darren Hagen-3; Justin Allgaier-3; Jonathan Beason-3; Shane Golobic-3; Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.-3; Rico Abreu-3; Critter Malone-2; Don Droud, Jr.-2; Billy Wease-2; Christopher Bell-2; Brady Bacon-2; Kevin Ramey-1; Paul White-1; Tony Roney-1; David Gough-1; Blake Hahn-1; Andrew Felker-1; Andrew Deal-1; Spencer Bayston-1; Tanner Thorson-1; Shane Hollingsworth-1

Past Champions: Sammy Swindell (1989, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2009), Kevin Swindell (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010), Cory Kruseman (2004 and 2000), Bryan Clauson (2014), Damion Gardner (2008), Tim McCreadie (2006), Tracy Hines (2005), Rico Abreu (2015)

Event Information:

What: 30th annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl presented by General Tire

Where: Tulsa Expo Raceway - quarter mile clay oval inside the River Spirit Expo Center at Tulsa's Expo Square

Location: 4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114

When: January 12-16, 2016

Early Entry Deadline: December 18, 2015

For questions regarding entries, please contact Bryan Hulbert at (918) 838-3777. For questions regarding Parking, as well as event procedure and rulings, please contact Matt Ward at (918) 995-1650.

Tuesday – Warren CAT Qualifying Night plus 8th annual VIROC
Wednesday – River Spirit Casino Qualifying Night
Thursday – John Christner Trucking Qualifying Night
Friday – Vacuworx Global Qualifying Night
Saturday – Lucas Oil Championship Feature Events

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Champions:

Year - Driver (Owner)

2015 - Rico Abreu (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian)
2014 - Bryan Clauson (Joe Dooling/Curb Records)
2013 - Kevin Swindell (Swindell Motorsports/Curb Records)
2012 - Kevin Swindell (Swindell Motorsports/Curb Records)
2011 - Kevin Swindell (Swindell Motorsports/Curb Records)
2010 - Kevin Swindell (Swindell Motorsports/Curb Records)
2009 - Sammy Swindell (Swindell Motorsports/Curb Records)
2008 - Damion Gardner (Jason Leffler)
2007 - Tony Stewart (Tony Stewart Motorsports)
2006 - Tim McCreadie (Steve Smith)
2005 - Tracy Hines (Wilke - Pak)
2004 - Cory Kruseman (Andy Bondio)
2003 - Dan Boorse (Dan Boorse)
2002 - Tony Stewart (Keith Kunz)
2001 - Jay Drake (Keith Kunz)
2000 - Cory Kruseman (Andy Bondio)
1999 - Dan Boorse (Dan Boorse)
1998 - Sammy Swindell (Pete Willoughby)
1997 - Billy Boat (John Lawson)
1996 - Sammy Swindell (Rusty Kunz / Jay McKinnie)
1995 - Donnie Beechler (Zarounian Motorsports)
1994 - Andy Hillenburg (Keith Kuntz / Rusty Kunz)
1993 - Dave Blaney (Ralph Potter)
1992 - Sammy Swindell (Dave Ellis)
1991 - Lealand McSpadden (Andy Bondio)
1990 - John Heydenreich (Tony Finley)
1989 - Sammy Swindell (Jack Runyon)
1988 - Scott Hatton (Jerry Hatton)
1987 - Rich Vogler (Bob Lowe)

VIROC Champions: Sammy Swindell (2015, 2012, 2011, 2009), Kyle Larson (2014), Kevin Swindell (2013), Brad Loyet (2010)

Trade Show: A long standing tradition at the Chili Bowl, the Trade Show, which is open to the public each day (Tuesday through Saturday), is free of charge. All variety of racing products, apparel and more is available with well over 100 vendors. The Trade Show still has space available. Anyone looking to be a part of the Trade Show can contact the Chili Bowl office at 918-838-3777. The Trade Show covers approximately 20,000 square feet.

Chili Bowl Online: All official news regarding the 30th annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl National presented by General Tire can be found at Updates throughout the Chili Bowl can be found via Facebook and Twitter at and


Lucas Oil Products is the title sponsor of the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. More information about the products available from Lucas Oil can be found at General Tire is the presenting sponsor of the Chili Bowl. A complete inventory of tires offered by General Tire can be found at

Vacuworx Global is the title sponsor of the VIROC which brings past Chili Bowl Champions as well as champions from around the world together for a single 20 lap race to see who is the best of the best. For more information about Vacuworx log onto For more information on past champions of the VIROC, log onto

For more information on the Chili Bowl log onto or call 918-838-3777.

Submitted By: Bryan Hulbert

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2023 Champion Logan Seavey
2022 Champion Tanner Thorson
2021 Champion Kyle Larson
2020 Champion Kyle Larson
2019 Champion Christopher Bell

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