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Hines Escapes with Narrow Chili Bowl Victory


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Hines Escapes with Narrow Chili Bowl Victory

Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (January 8, 2005) – The checkered flag flew none too soon for Indiana’s Tracy Hines in Saturday night’s 19th Annual O’Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals 50-lap championship finale at Tulsa Expo Raceway, as he held on in the final laps to post a slim victory over Cory Kruseman and Dave Darland. With a Mopar powerplant plugged into the Wilke-Pak Kwik-Change No. 11 Spike Chassis, Hines picked up an extra $10,000 bonus from Mopar to go along with his first Golden Driller.

While Hines appeared to be on the way to a dominating victory in the early stages, the prestigious event turned into a nail biter in the late rounds as Hines' inability to successfully navigate lapped traffic left the door open for his pursuers that dashed through traffic with ease. In the end, Hines took the checkered flag less than two car-lengths ahead of two-time Chili Bowl champion Kruseman, with a fast-closing Darland taking the show position just a car-length behind Kruseman.

“I told my guys after Thursday night I just had an idea of what I want for our setup, I had an idea with that car of exactly what it needed,” Hines commented after the landmark victory. “You could see how fast Dave’s car was, we had pretty much identical setups. Just an awesome team, an awesome win.”

After winning Thursday night’s Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Qualifying event, Hines drew the pole position for Saturday’s championship feature, with Wednesday’s Creek Nation Casino Qualifying Showdown winner Josh Ford drawing the outside front row. Friday winner and defending race champion Kruseman drew the second row inside, with Friday runner-up P.J. Jones to his outside.

Hines gunned into the lead at the drop of the green flag and, following a brief lap two caution for Casey Shuman’s damaged racer, immediately began to separate himself from the field as Ford held off Kruseman, Jones and Chad DeSelle for second in the early rounds.

Kruseman relegated Ford to third on the sixth round but trailed Hines by nearly a straightaway after ten laps, as seventh-starter Darland moved past Jones for fourth on the eleventh lap. Hines was just encountering lapped traffic when the race’s next caution flew after twelve circuits for Tony Stewart, who spun to a halt in turn one after contact while dicing for seventh. Stewart would exit with suspension damage two laps later.

Hines took off again on the restart as Kruseman held off the battling duo of Ford and Darland for second. The race’s third and final caution appeared after 19 circuits when Bud Kaeding, Jon Stanbrough and Gary Wright tangled in turn four. All three rejoined the chase at the tail.

The final 31 laps were run in non-stop fashion, with Hines amassing a ten car-length advantage over Kruseman by the 25th round to claim the Weld Racing Midway Bonus. When lapped traffic came into play Kruseman began to chip away at that advantage, as Ford and Darland swapped the third spot several times.

Kruseman closed to within two car-lengths of Hines and kept the pressure on the rest of the way. As the leaders navigated through heavy lapped traffic, Kruseman made several bids for the lead, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Darland finally assumed command of the third position from Ford on the 42nd lap and set his sights on the lead duo. Darland quickly began reeling the pair in and had just put himself within striking distance as the checkered flag flew upon Hines, who had both Kruseman and Darland nipping at his heels.

Denied the chance to become the first back-to-back winner in the history of the O’Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals, Kruseman settled for the runner-up slot aboard the Bondio Fabrication/Barnes Oil Pumps No. 47 machine.

“You’re trying just as hard as you possibly can, nobody goes out there and drives 90% because they want to finish second, but I’ll tell you there’s probably 240-something other people who’d like to be second right now so you’ve got to be pretty honored,” Kruseman stated in the post-race press conference. “Every time Tracy comes here he’s been extremely fast and had absolutely horrible luck, I was just hoping that was gonna take place again,” Kruseman joked.

While the Wilke-Pak Motorsports team celebrated its first ever Chili Bowl victory, Darland’s third place finish aboard the Wilke-Pak Mopar-powered No. 11w Stealth was icing on the cake for the long-time Chili Bowl contenders.

“I felt like I had a car that could win the race with the right luck and the right circumstances,” Darland commented. “I got by Josh Ford for third but then I jumped the cushion and he got back by and I made a couple of other little bobbles there that cost me. That time I lost there was probably the difference.”

Ford earned an impressive fourth place finish aboard the Keith Kunz Motorsports Fontana-powered No. 73 Bullet, while ARDC champion Ray Bull made a strong charge from 13th to round out the top five in the MEGA Motorsports Gaerte-powered No. 22m Stealth.

New Zealand Midget champion Michael Pickens raced from 19th to sixth to snare 2005 Chili Bowl Rookie of the Year honors. Jones crossed the stripe in seventh, with USAC Midget champion Bobby East in eighth.

DIRT Modified/Late Model crossover standout Tim McCreadie made his first Midget outing a success by racing from 18th to ninth, with Brian Gerster advancing from 17th to complete the top ten.

In addition to Pickens and McCreadie, other rookies making Saturday night’s starting grid included 15th-place finisher Tyler Walker and Shuman, the race’s first casualty.

The day kicked off with the first “J” Feature in Chili Bowl history and it was race veteran Kevin Doty snaring the victory. Brett Hearn topped both the second “J” Main and the second “I” Main, while Doty finished third behind Marc Dailey and Brian Gard in the first “I” Main.

Doty bounced back to win the first “H” Main, while Donnie Lehmann topped the second “H” Main as Hearn’s attempted alphabet run came to an end.

Thomas Meseraull and Travis Berryhill split twin “G” Main victory honors, with Aaron Fike and Josh Wise victorious in “F” Main action. John Wolfe and Bugs Norbury topped the twin “E” Mains, with Danny Stratton and Teddy Beach winning the twin “D” Mains.

Shane Hollingsworth and Brandon Waelti were “C” Main winners, with “B” Main winners including Bull and Stanbrough.

Mired in the first “I” Main, Yeley was unable to match his 2004 Chili Bowl heroics, as he held the fourth and final transfer position until a late spin to avoid an errant slide job eliminated his 2005 hopes.

Kasey Kahne suffered a flattened left rear tire among other damage on the opening round of the first “C” Main, bringing an early end to his Chili Bowl effort.

A record 249 entries competed in the 19th edition of the O’Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. With the larger than expected car count, the anticipated dashes for late model drivers and the lady racers were cancelled due to time constraints.

19th Annual O’Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Saturday Night results

J Mains (10 laps) - top 4 to Twin I Mains

First J Main: 1. #50D Kevin Doty, Burlington, IA; 2. #71X Kenny Love, Lincoln, NE; 3. #95J Rik Forbes, Omaha, NE; 4. #27M Amy Maris, Gilbert, AZ; 5. #51Z Zach Chappell, Talala, OK; 6. #2M Dave Shirk, Mohnton, PA; 7. #03 Kirk Kubik, Long Beach, CA; 8. #55H Matt Brooks, Tulsa, OK; 9. #11X Steve Newman, Lakewood, CO; 10. #5MA Mallory Armfield, St. Joseph, MO; 11. #19X Tadd Holliman, Beaver Lake, NE; 12. #54 Ralph Cortez, Sacramento, CA; 13. #5W Bryan Walters, Spread Eagle, WI. DNS: #13 Joe Park, Dallas, TX; #5H Tom Hessert, Cherry Hill, N.J.; #17M Austin Martin, Brownsburg, IN.

Second J Main: 1. #20H Brett Hearn, Sussex, NJ; 2. #28 Matt Brun, New Carlisle, OH; 3. #20B Bubba The Lovesponge, Tampa, FL; 4. #19N Nick O’Neal, Wagoner, OK; 5. 39X Lee Beckwith, Joliet, IL; 6. #9M Matt Michaels, Choctaw, OK; 7. #24L Roy Larkin, Tulsa, OK; 8. #51S Quinton Sall, San Jose, CA; 9. #17A Alan Ballard, Bakersfield, CA; 10. #50 Daniel Adler, Columbia, IL; 11. #15T Michael Trimble, San Jose, CA; 12. #9X Robert Marfia, Rio Rancho, NM. DNS - #1 Mike Miller, Reading, PA; #90 Mark Lightfoot, Springfield, MO; #15M Chris Morway, Hebron, CT; #6X Mike Dibart, Springfield, IL.

I Mains (10 laps) - top 4 to Twin H Mains

First I Main: 1. #7D Marc Dailey, Concord, NC; 2. #57 Brian Gard, Kelseyville, CA; 3. #50D Kevin Doty, Burlington, IA; 4. #96 Cody Brewer, Choctaw, OK; 5. #95J Rik Forbes, Omaha, NE; 6. #22J Jasiel Randolph, Tulsa, OK; 7. #59 Kenny Venable, Crandall, TX; 8. #33F Mike Schenker, Shelbyville, IN; 9. #11OS J.J. Yeley, Stilesville, IN; 10. #27M Amy Maris, Gilbert, AZ; 11. #56 Ken Dull, Machesney Park, IL; 12. #71X Kenny Love, Lincoln, NE; 13. #15S Tim Siner, Waterloo, IL; 14. #71BG Mike Leslie, Peoria, AZ; 15. #42P Chris Pearce, Broken Arrow, OK. DNS - #86C David Camfield, Jr., Decatur, IL.

Second I Main: 1. #20H Brett Hearn Sussex, NJ; 2. #2 Mark Bush, Cumming, GA; 3. #28 Matt Brun, New Carlisle, OH; 4. #97 Patrick Bruns, Champaign, IL; 5. #25J Jeep Van Wormer, Pinconning, MI: 6. #45 Aaron Kirk, Magnolia, TX; 7. #74S Shane Paris, Muscatine, IA; 8. #6C George Aimone, Gardner, IL; 9. #10W Michelle Decker, Guthrie, OK; 10. #3A Bill Allen, Independence, MO; 11. #19N Nick O’Neal, Wagoner, OK; 12. #91 Cole Houser, Cave Creek, AZ; 13. #61 Lonnie Oliver, Cortez, CO; 14. #20BG Bubba The Lovesponge, Tampa, FL; 15. #0 Johnny Murdock, Dallas, TX; 16. #1P Conner Pullen, Amarillo, TX.

H Mains (10 laps) - top 4 to Twin G Mains

First H Main: 1. #50D Kevin Doty, Burlington, IA; 2. #85X Jordan Noblitt, Columbus, IN; 3. #17B Kenny Brown, Millstadt, IL; 4. #41 Matt Sherrell, Tulsa, OK; 5. #63P Paul Perkins, Bristol, WI; 6. #5C Darren Stewart, Bixby, OK; 7. #57C Johnny Cofer, Macdoel, CA; 8. #3P Chris Parkinson, Gladstone, MO; 9. #32F David Fuhrman, Avon, IN; 10. #18A Floyd Alvis, San Carlos, CA; 11. #05 Brad Loyet, Sunset Hills, MO; 12. #7T Todd McVay, Lee’s Summit, MO; 13. #7D Marc Dailey, Concord, NC; 14. #57 Brian Gard, Kelseyville, CA; 15. #96 Cody Brewer, Choctaw, OK; 16. #95J Rik Forbes, Omaha, NE. DNS - #00X Pete Davis, Pleasanton, CA.

Second H Main: 1. #31 Donnie Lehmann, Springfield, IL; 2. #71C Cruz Pedregon, Camarillo, CA; 3. #7F Aaron Fiscus, Sun Prairie, WI; 4. #97 Patrick Bruns, Champaign, IL; 5. #48 Jimmy Miller, Parowan, UT; 6. #78 Joey Moughan, Springfield, IL; 7. #45AZ J.T. Imperial, Phoenix, AZ; 8. #7C Bryan Clauson, Noblesville, IN; 9. #1K Seth Wilson, San Clemente, CA; 10. #70 Garrett Hansen, Manhattan Beach, CA; 11. #5J Dean Franklin, Brownsburg, IN; 12. #28 Matt Brun, New Carlisle, OH; 13. #2 Mark Bush, Cumming, GA; 14. #20H Brett Hearn, Sussex, NJ; 15. #12J Jay Mounce, Downs, IL; 16. #51N Mike Nigh, Brownsburg, IN.

G Mains (10 laps) - top 4 to Twin F Mains

First G Main: 1. #9T Thomas Meseraull, San Jose, CA; 2. #31E Rick Eckert, York, PA; 3. #2B Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow, OK; 4. #31S Evan Sewell, Jenks, OK; 5. #36 Brad Paris, Brownsburg, IN; 6. #6H Alex Coonan, Ransom, IL; 7. #16B Tom Bigelow, Winchester, IN; 8. #85X Jordan Noblitt, Columbus, IN; 9. #81 Shane Carson, Yukon, OK; 10. #50D Kevin Doty, Burlington, IA; 11. #41 Matt Sherrell, Tulsa, OK; 12. #17B Kenny Brown, Millstadt, IL; 13. #11R Ryan Cole, Porter, OK; 14. #8A Matt Hummel, Brownsburg, IN; 15. #7 Shannon McQueen, Bakersfield, CA; 16. #5X Jimmy Light, West Springfield, PA.

Second G Main: 1. #11Z Travis Berryhill, American Canyon, CA; 2. #14P Don Droud, Jr., Lincoln, NE; 3. #7B Joe Boyles, Greenwood, MO; 4. #28M Travis Miniea, Indianapolis, IN; 5. #31 Donnie Lehmann, Springfield, IL; 6. #15 Todd Beach, Donnelsville, OH; 7. #XX Darrin Bolton, El Dorado Hills, CA; 8. #51J R.J. Johnson, Phoenix, AZ; 9. #1C Chad McDaniel, Concordia, KS; 10. #7F Aaron Fiscus, Sun Prairie, WI; 11. #10D Dan Douville, Bridgewater, NH; 12. #21 Steve Stroud, St. Charles, MO; 13. #71C Cruz Pedregon, Camarillo, CA; 14. #20M Carey Becker, Reading, PA; 15. #97 Patrick Bruns, Champaign, IL. DNS: #77u Chris Urish, Elkhart, IL.

F Mains (10 laps) - top 4 to Twin E Mains

First F Main: 1. #32 Aaron Fike, Galesburg, IL; 2. #10 Greg Lueckert, Kansas City, MO; 3. #43 Buddy Luebke, Stoughton, WI; 4. #31E Rick Eckert, York, PA; 5. #40 Nick Lundgreen, Indianapolis, IN; 6. #55 Tony Everhart, El Cajon, CA; 7. #99 Kyle Rayburn, Pueblo West, CO; 8. #33A Stephen Arnold, Seymour, IN; 9. #48J Jordan Barbee, Tulsa, OK; 10. #2B Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow, OK; 11. #9T Thomas Meseraull, San Jose, CA; 12. #74 Eddie Sauer, Loves Park, IL; 13. #49 Bryan Kobylarz, Birdsboro, PA; 14. #31S Evan Sewell, Jenks, OK. DNS: #85C Matt Johnson, Oklahoma City, OK; #50X Chris Kopczynski, Noblesville, IN.

Second F Main: 1. #7R Josh Wise, Riverside, CA; 2. #25X Jerome Rodela, El Monte, CA; 3. #00 Johnny Heydenreich, Indianapolis, IN; 4. #17X Rob Russell, Fremont, CA; 5. #86 Shane Cottle, Kokomo, IN; 6. #14P Don Droud, Jr., Lincoln, NE; 7. #17 Mike Woodruff, Satanta, KS; 8. #5R Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.; 9. #11Z Travis Berryhill, American Canyon, CA; 10. #11A Brett Anderson, Belleville, IL; 11. #5M Mike Neher, Monticello, IN; 12. #31 Donnie Lehmann, Springfield, IL; 13. #7B Joe Boyles, Greenwood, MO; 14. #28M Travis Miniea, Indianapolis, IN; 15. #84 Nelson Stewart, Avon, IN; 16. #42B Garratt Boyden, Santa Cruz, CA. DNS: 2W Jon Windstrup, Mount Carroll, IL

E Mains (10 laps) - top 4 to Twin D Mains

First E Main: 1. #3M John Wolfe, Winchester, IN; 2. #74K Brad Kuhn, Avon, IN; 3. #1AZ Adam Young, Phoenix, AZ; 4. #35 Mat Neely, Robinson, IL; 5. #31C Chris Rahe, Placentia, CA; 6. #40M Michael Lewis, Noblesville, IN; 7. #32 Aaron Fike, Galesburg, IL; 8. #20AZ John Sarna, Sedona, AZ; 9. #38 Jackie Burke, Houston, TX; 10. #31E Rick Eckert, York, PA; 11. #10C Chris D’Arcy, San Jose, CA; 12. #10 Greg Lueckert, Kansas City, MO; 13. #43 Buddy Luebke, Stoughton, WI; 14. #14J Jimmy Voitel, Covina, CA; 15. #40 Nick Lundgreen, Indianapolis, IN; 16. #73E Jason Yount, Fresno, CA. DNS: #8d Brian Baker, Concord, CA.

Second E Main: 1. #42 Bugs Norbury, Prescott Valley, AZ; 2. #35P Scott Pierovich, Alamo, CA; 3. #7R Josh Wise, Riverside, CA; 4. #51X Ricky Johnson, Phoenix, AZ; 5. #86 Shane Cottle, Kokomo, IN; 6. #75 Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, MO; 7. #17X Rob Russell, Fremont, CA; 8. #42C Mike Courtney, Surprise, AZ; 9. #95X Jay Jordan, Lincoln, NE; 10. #10K Ron Kuhn, Lee’s Summit, MO; 11. #00 Johnny Heydenreich, Indianapolis, IN; 12. #25X Jerome Rodela, El Monte, CA; 13. #35X Korey Weyant, Springfield, IL; 14. #7A Doug Elliott, Port Orange, CA; 15. #14B Kevin Battles, Collinsville, OK. DNS: #27 Tony Elliott, Kokomo, IN; #2H Bob Harr, Arvada, CO.

D Mains (15 laps) - top 3 to Twin C Mains
First D Main: 1. #2X Danny Stratton, Fontana, CA; 2. #35 Mat Neely, Robinson, IL; 3. #74K Brad Kuhn, Avon, IN; 4. #52 Jimmy Thornell, Riverside, CA; 5. #6R Bill Rose, Plainfield, IN; 6. #18 Donnie Trent, Honey Brook, PA; 7. #61A Toby Brown, Carthage, MO; 8. #31X Jason Howe, Jacksonville, IL; 9. #20W Cody Weisensel, Sun Prairie, WI; 10. #1AZ Adam Young, Phoenix, AZ; 11. #17T Greg Nelson, Newcastle, CA; 12. #16 Tiffany Wyzard, Williamsville, IL; 13. #43X Mike Smith, Shelbyville, IN; 14. #11D Cameron Dodson, Greenfield, IN; 15. #27A Doug Hunting, Elk Grove, CA; 16. #3M John Wolfe, Winchester, IN.

Second D Main: 1. #125 Teddy Beach, Donnelsville, OH; 2. #12H Rick Hendrix, Canoga Park, CA; 3. #14M Jason Meyers, Clovis, CA; 4. #87 Harley Slotten, Menasha, WI; 5. #04 Josh Lakatos, Arroyo Grande, CA; 6. #32P Randi Pankratz, Atascadero, CA; 7. #51X Ricky Johnson, Phoenix, AZ; 8. #45H Don Hammer, Clinton, IL: 9. #4W Edwin Wilson, Tuttle, OK; 10. #D33 Jeff Davis, Pittsburg, IL; 11. #35P Scott Pierovich, Alamo, CA; 12. #7R Josh Wise, Riverside, CA; 13. #42 Bugs Norbury, Prescott Valley, AZ; 14. #70X Rip Williams, Yorba Linda, CA; 15. #51 Ryan Durst, Lincoln, NE; 16. #19 Chris Wagner, Colorado Springs, CO.

C Mains (15 laps) - top 5 to Twin B Mains
First C Main: 1. #85 Shane Hollingsworth, Indianapolis, IN; 2. #88 Dan Boorse, Milwaukee, WI; 3. #74K Brad Kuhn, Avon, IN; 4. #27K Ryan Kaplan, Chico, CA; 5. #22 Mike Welker, Peoria, AZ; 6. #2X Danny Stratton, Fontana, CA; 7. #6 Ryan Hamilton, Morgantown, IN; 8. #69 A.J. Fike, Galesburg, IL; 9. #3 Tracy Miller, Reading, PA; 10. #85A Justin Allgaier, Riverton, IL; 11. #19S Robby Flock, Murrieta, CA; 12. #35 Mat Neely, Robinson, IL; 13. #12 Billy Wease, Noblesville, IN; 14. #93 Dustin Morgan, Owasso, OK; 15. #5S Shon Deskins, Glendale, AZ; 16. #37P Alex Pruett, Carefree, AZ; 17. #52C Joey Montgomery, Fredericktown, MD; 18. #9 Kasey Kahne, Huntersville, NC.

Second C Main: 1. #3W Brandon Waelti, Sun Prairie, WI; 2. #5 Davey Ray, Davenport, IA; 3. #51H Mike Hess, Petersburg, IL; 4. #6J Levi Jones, Olney, IL; 5. #37 Matt Mitchell, Yorba Linda, CA; 6. #125 Teddy Beach, Donnelsville, OH; 7. #12H Rick Hendrix, Canoga Park, CA; 8. #14M Jason Meyers, Clovis, CA; 9. #34 Tyler Brown, Norco, CA; 10. #55K Steve Knepper, Belleville, IL; 11. #47X Scott Hatton, Roscoe, IL; 12. #4 Michele Miller, Reading, PA; 13. #73S Clay Klepper, Brownsburg, IN; 14. #26C Glenn Carson, Newark, CA; 15. #8 Jimmy Sills, Elverta, CA; 16. #10B Thomas Briggs, Anna, OH; 17. #30 Craig Carey, Riverton, IL; 18. #75H Bart Hartman, Zanesville, OH.

B Mains (20 laps) - top 6 to A Main
First B Main: 1. #22M Ray Bull, Bloomsburg, PA; 2. #1W Paul White, Temple, TX; 3. #94 Brian Gerster, Noblesville, IN; 4. #1NZ Michael Pickens, Auckland, New Zealand; 5. #6M Kevin Olson, Rockford, IL; 6. #26 Tyler Walker, Los Angels, CA; 7. #25P Frank Polimeda, Fort Lee, NJ; 8. #2X Danny Stratton, Fontana, CA; 9. #71 Jay Drake, Val Verde, CA; 10. #88 Dan Boorse, Milwaukee, WI; 11. #85 Shane Hollingsworth, Indianapolis, IN; 12. #74K Brad Kuhn, Avon, IN; 13. #50M Mike Spencer, Temecula, CA; 14. #21AZ Eric Wilkins, El Mirage, AZ; 15.#22 Mike Welker, Peoria, AZ; 16. #007 Cole Carter, Brownsburg, IN; 17. #27C Sparky Howard, Santa Rosa, CA; 19. #27K Ryan Kaplan, Chico, CA; 20. #67 Steve Kinser, Bloomington, IN. DNS: #57k Randy Koch, Oregon, WI; #8P Wally Pankratz, Orange, CA.

Second B Main: 1. #25 Jon Stanbrough, Danville, IN; 2. #23 Jerry Coons, Jr., Tucson, AZ; 3. #39 Tim McCreadie, Watertown, NY; 4. #87C Rich Camfield, Decatur, IL; 5. #82 David Gough, Machesney Park, IL; 6. #3W Brandon Waelti, Sun Prairie, WI; 7. #79 Damion Gardner, Concord, CA; 8. #6J Levi Jones, Olney, IL; 9. #5D Gary Taylor, Snohomish, WA; 10. #1AU Adam Clarke, Black Hill, NSW, Australia; 11. #12AZ Jeff Henry, Glendale, AZ; 12. #5 Davey Ray, Davenport, IA; 13. #30J Johnny Rodriguez, Elk Grove, CA; 14. #01 Steve Paden, Downey, CA; 15. #67K Kraig Kinser, Bloomington, IN; 16. #5B Steve Buckwalter, Royersford, PA; 17. #7M Critter Malone, Speedway, IN; 18. #14 Matt Westfall, Ludlow Falls, OH; 19. #51H Mike Hess, Petersburg, IL; 20. #37 Matt Mitchell, Yorba Linda, CA.

A Main (50 laps)

A Main: 1. #11 Tracy Hines, Greenfield, IN; 2. #47 Cory Kruseman, Ventura, CA; 3. #11W Dave Darland, Lincoln, IN; 4. #73 Josh Ford, Ventura, CA; 5. #22M Ray Bull, Bloomsburg, PA; 6. #1NZ Michael Pickens, Auckland, New Zealand; 7. #17J P.J. Jones, Torrance, CA; 8. #4B Bobby East, Brownsburg, IN; 9. #39 Tim McCreadie, Watertown, NY; 10. #94 Brian Gerster, Noblesville, IN; 11. #20L Danny Lasoski, Dover, MO; 12. #23 Jerry Coons, Jr., Tucson, AZ; 13. #8X Bud Kaeding, Campbell, CA; 14. #25 Jon Stanbrough, Danville, IN; 15. #26 Tyler Walker, Los Angeles, CA; 16. #6M Kevin Olson, Rockford, IL; 17. #87C Rich Camfield, Decatur, IL; 18. #3W Brandon Waelti, Sun Prairie, WI; 19. #1W Paul White, Temple, TX; 20. #82 David Gough, Machesney Park, IL; 21. #6D Chad DeSelle, Sun Prairie, WI; 22. #35W Gary Wright, Hooks, TX; 23. #20S Tony Stewart, Rushville, IN; 24. #37X Casey Shuman, Chandler, AZ.

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