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Parking Day

AJ Fike
Brian Brown
Haulers make their way inside the Tulsa Expo Center to get parked on Tuesday prior to the Chili Bowl.
The modern day version of the Oklahoma Land Run, as haulers sit three-wide around the Tulsa Expo Center in line for Chili Bowl pit parking.
Aaron Fike & Tony Elliot
Ford Focus champion Todd Hunsaker
Foster Landons Sprint Car is on display at the ASCS booth at the Trade Show.
Danny Lasoskis Uniquely designed Eagle
Another angle of Lasoskis Eagle
Security for the Robert Harr team
Overhead early in the process of parking.
Part of the Stewart-Kunz Motorsports Stable
The Hons Mailbox
Pranksters at work at the Chili Bowl
Tim Shaffers Chili Bowl Ride

Past Champions

2023 Champion Logan Seavey
2022 Champion Tanner Thorson
2021 Champion Kyle Larson
2020 Champion Kyle Larson
2019 Champion Christopher Bell

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